About Mimi

My name is Maleika “Mimi” Robinson and I am a stay-at-home mom, a podcaster, and an intermittent blogger.

I’ve been blogging for a long time. I always used it as a way to document my absolutely awesome life. My first blog blackgirliniowa.com (now defunct) was started in 2000 and talked about all the wild and wacky times living in Waterloo, IA.

When I decided to finally leave Iowa and make the trek to North Carolina for graduate school, I started a new blog, complicatedmelodi.com to document my school adventures. I blogged there on and off from 2005-2013. That blog followed me through grad school, my move to California, my expatriate experiences in Nigeria, getting married to the love of my life and adopting a rad little two-year-old (now five).

After adopting, my blog started to focus on the foster care/adoption process and the process of parenting while black. I joined forces with another adoptive mother and we started the podcast, Add Water and Stir to bring some visibility to the fact that black folk actually do adopt. The podcast is currently on hiatus as we rebrand under the name Adoption in Color.

I’m now back in Kansas City, MO and focused on developing and growing the Kansas City Black Coworking Community (KCBCC). This is a group for freelancers, home workers and entrepreneurs to connect, share, support and cowork (work in community).

Stay tuned.

Maleika “Mimi” Robinson